Boys Council Groups

The Council is a strengths based group approach to promote boys and young men’s safe and healthy passage through re-teen and adolescent years. 

Focused activities may include group challenges, games, skits or role plays, arts and so on.  Some examples of topics include:

  • Competition
  • The Male Box
  • Bullying
  • Valuing Diversity
  • Rejecting Violence
  • Making Safe and Healthy Decisions for Themselves

Boys need a gender specific group program to have a safe protected and focused place to address an array of harsh realities and to create healthy options for growing up male today.  Findings of recent studies tell us that boys are not faring well in areas of education, mental health, health care access, violence, substance abuse.

Councils provide resiliency and youth development practice and concepts:

Youth are knowledgeable, wise, and helpful to each other when facilitators are courteous and respectful, share responsibility and leadership; demonstrate belief in their abilities to rise to challenges in group and in life.

When boys have an opportunity to express ideas, identify and normalize a full range of emotions and make decisions in a safe nonjudgmental community their resiliency is strengthened.  

The programs are successful in prevention and intervention programs.  Facilitators avoid lecture on advice and believe the boys have the capacity to problem solve and make good decisions, affirm strengths and promote leadership .  

Groups are facilitated by licensed therapists and are run in the evenings or on weekends. Please contact our intake line at 814-835-1700.

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