Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Types of Childhood Trauma

  • Child Abuse (Physical, Sexual, Emotional)
  • Victim/Witness of Violence (Domestic Violence, Community Violence, School Violence)
  • Accidents
  • Disasters
  • War/Terrorism and Refugee
  • Medical (Surgeries, Transplant)
  • Traumatic Grief

Impact of Trauma

  • Acute distress is almost universal
  • Impact can be long lasting
  • Childhood trauma is a list factor for adult problems

Cognitive Trauma Symptoms

  • Irrational or erroneous beliefs
  • Reduced Trust
  • Negative self-image

Behavioral Trauma Symptoms

  • Maladaptive behaviors (Sexualized behaviors, Violent behaviors, Bullying)
  • Traumatic bonding
  • Angry outbursts/temper tantrums
  • Substance abuse
  • Self-injury

When a person is unable to deal with traumatic events, he or she will often feel alone and struggle with recurring feelings of worry, fear, and worthlessness.  Trauma suffers often have difficulty in relationships and in dealing with emotional challenges, as well as low self-esteem due to the traumatic experience and feelings associated with the trauma.  Trauma victims are haunted by memories that feel completely real and can cause the victims to become silent sufferers who believe that their lives are destined to repeat past events.  Experiences in a person’s life can trigger a recurring experience of the original trauma, which makes healing from the original trauma an extremely important goal.  Many people who experience trauma choose to deal with their feelings alone, instead of seeking professional help.  

Licensed Clinical Therapists are trained in trauma and trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy.

Services are provided by trained Licensed Therapists who are credentialed with most insurance companies.

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